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​​When i was 2 years old, my parents allready called me a dj. Well, Appart of turning the volume button up and down, there weren't lots of dj skills, i Guess. As a teenager, After 10 years of drum & percussion lessons, my father's mixing table gained my attention. and Some small gigs later, I wanted to create my own music.

Since i don't like to waste my time with youtube tutorials, i decided to look for a proper electronic music school. with 19 years, i found myself in point Blank, London. There I gained my international music production & sound engineering certificate. in a short time, ceveral clubs booked me and after a short time, i had 2-3 gigs a week. some of them where fantastic, specialy the weekends in the club cargo.

Back in switzerland, I Took part in the opening of a club. Since this day, I had the chance to dj every weekend. Next to the sets there, i built up my network for other bookings. 3 years later, till now, I do my living as a dj. With gigs in London, Ibiza, Basel and other cities, i had fantastic experiences in the dj scene so far.

since my first release on spotify back in 2019, my fanbase on spotify is growing with every week. My music project with the talented sax player alex schneider is on track and new releases are on it's way. other projects with new styles of music will follow too.

Stay tuned, join me on my journey, wherever the music takes me.



Adagio, ZH

aerni, be

auto zürich car show, zh

Bar Rouge, BS

bierhübeli, be

Borderline, BS

braderie biel, Be

Bücheli, Bs

chesery gstaad, be

Club 55, BL

club joy, ag

couple biel, BE

das zelt, be, bs, zh

Elisabethenkirche, BS

grand casino basel, bs

hennustall zermatt, VS

Hiltl, ZH

industrie club, zh

Kaufleuten, ZH

kufa lyss, be

lake zürich boatparty, zh

mekong, lu





miss yokohama contest, bl

Modus liestal, bl

moon, bs

ocean five, zh

on the rocks riederalp, Vs

P1 club, zh

pacifico, lu

Penthouse, LU

platzhirsch saas fee, vs

Plaza, Zh

provisorium baden, AG

rooftopgrill kursaal, be

salzhaus winterthur, zh

schneewitli zermatt, VS

schweizerhof, lu

Singer, BS

Soho, BS

Soho, BE

Sprisse, BL

tipi fiescheralp, vs

Villa Wahnsinn, sg

XTra, zh


aperture, ibiza

cargo, london

catch, london

cirque, london

maquias club, porto

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